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About FZ-Dtree plugin
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FZ-Dtree is a user-friendly fluid jQuery tree navigation plugin based on bootstrap Accordion. you can create levels and sub levels as many as you want. you can simply add sections, folders and files inside your navigation tree, and customize their icons easily. All customization can be handled via jQuery You can Create a static or a dynamic version.

Find out why you should choose our plugin!

FZ-Dtree is a Bootstrap Based HTML structure.
FZ-Dtree is a user-friendly, fully customizable.
FZ-Dtree support Nested and Multiple levels.
FZ-Dtree Support Loading content with Ajax.
FZ-Dtree is a fluid-width navigation.
FZ-Dtree has 4 Colors schemes.
FZ-Dtree demo helps generate static tree code.
FZ-Dtree team will fully support you.
FZ-Dtree is fully documented
FZ-Dtree Supports IE9, IE10, Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera

You can customize it easily by copy and past generated code to create your static version.
you can create a dynamic tree by using our cool functions and methods to add new sections, folders and even files dynamically.

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How to use our plugin!

installing and customizing FZ-Dtree is very easy, You have many different ways to create your tree. For more information please visit our documentation section or watch our video tutorials.

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